Top 10 Thriller Short Films That’ll Completely Blow Your Mind With It’s Clever Climax Twists

I am sure this has often happened with you as well; you might be expecting something but you get something else in return. The same theory is creatively used by these filmmakers here whose short films has been lined up below – the stories of these will cleverly deceive your thoughts, I bet.

Indie Shorts Mag presents the lineup of the top ten thriller short films that’ll completely blow your mind with it’s clever climax twists you wouldn’t be expecting. (Click on the image to watch the respective film)

10. Redemption

Redemption - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – Night, a bottle of whiskey and two glasses on a table, as well as a pack of cuban cigars and tarot cards. There is a man in a white shirt sitting at the table, suffering as hell. You can feel his pain, hear his heavy breath. Meanwhile, radio news about a very dangerous offender wounded in a gunfight sound in the room. The movie was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5.
Director – Stepan Etrych

9. Dring Of The Dead

Dring Dead - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – A zombie girl is after a man. He hides in a telephone box, trying to call for help… But the zombie finds him and assaults the phone box.
Directors – Gaël Pouvreau, Mathieu Auvray

8. Thrill Kill

Thrill Kill - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – All is not as it seems when a man, pushed too far, frantically zooms around the city in a ’77 Mustang with a beautiful woman on the verge of death in his passenger seat.
Director – R. Zach Shildwachter

7. Crossed Wires

Crossed Wires - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – Sophie (Serena Ryan) argues over the phone to Joe (Joseph Stacey) about his indecision to commit or continue running away from responsibility. As the seconds tick away Joe comes to a realization. Dare he drop the bomb?
Directors – Richard Addlesee, Joseph Stacey

6. Tuck me In

Tuck Me In - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – Alex asks his father to tuck him in, but that’s not the only thing he asks for.
Director – Ignacio F. Rodó

5. A Bedtime Story

Bedtime Stories - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – A woman wakes up in the dark of night without knowing that his nightmare is about to begin. During the next few minutes she will be the victim of a ghost whit the only mission of torture her of fear for his own amusement.
Director – Sergio Ruvalcaba

4. Dinner Date

Dinner Date - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – Young lady in red, prepares for another date, but all is not what it seems.
Director – Danny Cotton

3. Pseudo

Pseudo - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – An underprivileged Czech woman arrives in Los Angeles to marry her well-off American fiancé when their love is threatened by the unveiling of a dark secret.
Director – Carlos R. Valencia

2. First Date

First Date - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – Story of a women who’s getting ready for her First Date
Director – Blair Richardson

1. Don’t Play with the Food

Don't Play With Your Food - Indie Shorts Mag

Synopsis – During a family dinner, Antonio tries to make his daughter reconsider about falling in love with who she should not.
It’s for the sake of the family…
Director – Daniel Muñoz Caneiro

Hope you were thrilled! Of course there are more such thrillers lined up for you. But you need to get over these first.

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