Short Film Reviews

Nemesis: To Each Their Due

In Tim Earnheart's Nemesis, the ambitious and go-getter lot take centre stage. Set in the same universe as his earlier work, Ricochet (it is unclear if Nemesis takes place before or after the events of Ricochet), Nemesis's characters are confronted with the mysterious Institution from the previous film. The question Nemesis tackles

Reparations: On Empathy And The Legitimacy Of Being

Historical racism against black people and anti-semitism are brought together on one plane in the form of holocaust survivor, Howard and young, black academic, Michonne. Gregory G. Allen’s 11-minute drama Reparations brings up raw topics, asks uncomfortable, conflicting questions, but above all, tries to retain its humanity and remind the world of

The Eyes On me: Confronting Stalkers

Zane Van Cleave’s stalker thriller The Eyes On Me has little meat to it: the film settles for only introducing its broad plot points and leaving it at that. It tries to pack in a lot within a limited runtime, ending up with scenes that belong in a longer story and that, here, feel utterly disconnected. The stalker here is a young man, Tom

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