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Filmmaking isn’t for the frivolous. And, neither should film watching be! We, at Indie Shorts Mag, strive to help independent filmmakers connect with their tribe. With 5+ years’ of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of having the right platform to celebrate one’s craft.

Movie making is an exhilarating process. The creative endeavour undertaken ultimately gets its reward when it reaches the audience and the coveted prize remains to know that it has been well received!

At Indie Shorts Mag, it has been our humble endeavour to bridge the gap between filmmakers and masses and create the much-needed buzz.

Of the various means used to market and publicize a film, we rely on ‘reviews’ as we know how significant they’re in publicity. Also, the popcorn munching generation of ours isn’t known for their patience. Our reviews come in handy in helping them make these decisions. Besides that, it’s also an established fact that reviews help elevate the chances of acceptance at festivals and spread the word.

We have reviewed nearly 1000 films so far (and still counting). Our film reviews are done with the sole intent of doing justice to both; the craft and the intended audience. We pride ourselves in having maintained the standards of film journalism by providing only credible, verifiable information on our platform.

The criteria we cover while reviewing films are:

  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Screenplay
  • Music

Benefits of getting your short film reviewed:

  • Review increases your chances of acceptance at the film festivals.
  • Makes it easy to publicize and market your film, thus creating a buzz.
  • Attaching our review to your cover letter would enhance its credibility.
  • Would help you better understand the reception of your film, well in advance.
  • Reaching 10k+ fiercely loyal Indie Shorts Mag community members would widen your network.

And many more…

Submit your short film now and get it reviewed by Indie Shorts Mag Team!

Review Application Status: Open Till 30th September 2023