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Movie making is an exhilarating, creative process, one that culminates with the audience. It becomes a liberating endeavor once you know it has been well received.

We have been helping independent filmmakers since the past 5 years to reach out to the masses. It is our humble endeavor to bridge the gap and create the buzz.

One of the methods we use is a review. We live in a popcorn-munching, coke drinking generation that doesn’t really enjoy investing time researching movies. This is where our reviews help.

We’ve reviewed 150+ short film/documentaries over the years. We review films critically so that it gets the deserving attention.

We review films covering the following segments:

  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Screenplay
  • Music

Submit your film now and get it reviewed by Indie Shorts Mag team.

What are the benefits of getting your film reviewed? 

  • Reach 10k+ Indie Shorts Mag community members.
  • Attach our review link with your cover letter which you send to film festivals.
  • A review can get your film noticed.

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