Where Are You Really From? Is The Question We Need To Stop Asking! – Web Series Review

Rydeshare Chronicles is a web series based on the experiences of the Uber/Lyft drivers and their passengers. Conceptualized and directed by Los Angeles based filmmaker Lakpathy Wijesekara, popularly known as ‘L’; the series attempts to offer a fresh take on real-life experiences shared, through each of its episodes. ‘Where are you really from?’ the 4th episode of the series with a short duration of 3:15 minutes portrays the contemporary xenophobic world we have all come to witness and cohabit.

Nicole Garrabrant who plays the passenger, on the surface seems like an ordinary, regular customer you would come across. Her Uber driver played brilliantly by Ria Patel is quick to reveal to you how wrong first impressions can be! In a matter of seconds, Ona Isart’s cinematography voyages you across startling revelations made from simple questions and how sometimes conversations with strangers can give you a peek-a-boo into the world’s ever-changing narrative.

‘Where are you really from?’ explores themes such as xenophobia, Islamophobia and most importantly – ignorance! As the passenger inundates her driver with questions to elicit specific relies that would validate her ill-advised, misinformed, preconceived notions, you might find yourself wondering if there ever were instances in your life when you entertained similar thoughts. It will compel you to reconsider you stands, your opinions and unsolicited advises meted out, it will coerce you to open your heart along with your mind!

‘Where are you really from’ is a mini social ride, albeit in an Uber!

Rydeshare Chronicles Ep 4 – Where Are You Really From? Web Series Based On Uber/Lyft Stories

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