The Importance Of An Earnest Review To A Short Film

Reviewers and filmmakers have a peculiar relationship. It is a thoroughly symbiotic one, and yet far too frequently, one can hear about their mutual distaste for one another. Filmmakers don’t like bad reviews, and reviewers don’t like bad films. That both should exercise restraint is another matter. But coming to that symbiosis, reviews are important to films, especially short films, which are less widely marketed. Considering their chances of being passed over or never properly surfacing in public attention, reviews can be a strong pillar of support to short films, having the potential of influencing audiences to watch them.

How else do reviews give short films a leg up? Scroll down to learn more. 

  1. Boosting your crowdfunding campaign

A review becomes a draft to your blueprint. To the uninformed, it is the only means through which you can bring your film to them. It tells the investors/bidders that your work is worth their money. Using a review to assure potential donors of its quality can help immensely in getting people to donate to your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. New Viewers

A well-respected publication has its own vast community of readers who take its pieces seriously. Having your film reviewed by such a one spreads the word among people who may not have heard about it before, which can convert to new viewers. For a short film, views are the currency, and the higher the number of views your film gets, the better your chances of getting funding for your next project. 

  1. Adds credibility and a stamp of approval

Reviews are an effective means to put a short film on the map. For what better way to let people know that this film not only exists, but it is quality than a review from a reliable source? It is the definitive stamp of approval. 

  1. Provides in-depth information

A review will usually contain a brief synopsis of the plot, along with the reviewer’s take on the film’s merit. In the current era of overflowing content available just a click away, this especially helps audiences decide which film is worth watching. There’s nothing worse for a viewer than to have their time (and mood) wasted on a film that did not live up to its promise.

  1. Enriches a viewer’s experience

A thoughtful, well-written review can help a viewer experience your film closest to your authorial intent, while at the same time opening them up to experience their own personal interpretation of it to the fullest. 

  1. Constructive criticism and qualitative analysis

Whether you are a seasoned filmmaker or just starting out, reviews of your work gives you thoughtful analysis that can have a substantial role in helping you improve your craft. The ideal critic or reviewer focuses on analysing a film on its elements, ideas, and objective that serves to not only be an entertaining (and informative) read for audiences, but also potentially enlightening for you as a filmmaker. 

  1. Being seen by the right people

A positive review can up your chances of scoring big with leading streaming platforms, many of which pay to have your film on their website. You could also be taken note of by the filmmakers that you want to work with, which could convert to future collaborations. Reviews can work like recommendation letters: they help you make inroads into places where you want your film and yourself to be as a filmmaker.

  1. Publicizing boost

After short films have done their rounds of the festivals, they can quickly fall through the cracks to never surface again. Here, a new review serves to give it a new lease of life. In the age of social media and endless comments, reviews lead to conversations and conversations keep the buzz alive. 

Reviews can be a strong pillar of support to short films, having the potential of influencing audiences to watch them. Click To Tweet

Innovation is the order of the day in the world of short films — filmmakers take radically intriguing ideas that go beyond what is conventional and expected and deliver them in bite-sized packages. And yet without the right marketing, these evaporate quickly from the public consciousness, or worse still, never see the appreciation they deserve. Getting your film reviewed is the right start to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

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