Interview with Tony Abbate (Pseudo)

“Pseudo” is a thrilling drama which follows the life of a couple who are deeply in love. A Czech woman has come to Los Angeles with her American fiancé only to know a dark secret about her loved one. The film is based on this particular secret and has been very well presented to the audience.

The director of the film, Mr. Carlos R. Valencia, has done a great job directing the film and the actors have given a great performance in the film. The writer of “Pseudo’ has written a very well weaved script which is very interesting and thrilling.

Let’s know more about the film from its writer, Mr. Tony Abbate.

– SPOILERS INCLUDED- Watch Pseudo before proceeding

Tony Abbate - Pseudo - Short Film - Interview - Short of the Month - Writer
Tony Abbate

Q. So Tony, tell me, how did you come up with such a twisted story?

At the time, I was very interested in the idea of the pretensions that can often come with romantic relationships. Each individual often puts the best version of themselves forward, which isn’t necessarily their true selves. And they do so because of wanting to be accepted and loved. So I think what can happen is people get so caught up in the fun and romance of it all that they don’t really know who the other person is. But if that relationship turns into marriage, the true self will inevitably come out at some point, and may shock the spouse.
So with Jeff, I thought it was interesting that he had this dark secret in his past that he had never mentioned to Natasha, both out of the belief that he had conquered his mental disorder, but also out of fear that he would lose her. That she would reject him upon learning that. So he was entering into this marriage not being fully transparent and honest, but somewhat deceptive and naive and then when something triggered him, that dark secret came to light.

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Q. You have been a part of this film as a writer and also as an actor. Acting in a film written by you must’ve provoked you to give your best performance in the film. How was that experience being a writer and an actor?

Well, as an actor, I don’t have to worry about offending or fighting with the writer to change, add, or cut dialogue. But they are two different mindsets to be in. As a writer, I don’t want to be self-serving or self-indulgent to me the actor. It’s the story as a whole that has to be the priority and whether it’s compelling and rich and the best it can possibly be as a whole. Telling this particular story, in all its constraints, in the best way I possibly can, never making it about me the actor.
And on the flip side, me the actor has to discover what’s been written afresh and in the moment and not get locked into a particular way of doing something. So I think both disciplines can serve each other well, but like anything, they can also sabotage each other.

Q. I have observed that you have starred in a lot of thriller and drama films. What makes you take up such kind of gripping roles?

I love all types of genres, and I very much like comedy. I think it just comes down to what’s interesting me at the time and also who else it interests. If I have a comedy, but no one wants to do it at the time, but they want to do a thriller or drama I’ve written and there are some means to making that happen, then that’s what we’ll do. The means to making it happen certainly plays into it.

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Q. What do you think of doing in the future, as in like more thrillers or trying a different genre?

Right now I’m working on getting a supernatural crime thriller called No Such Thing as Monsters financed, which is a feature script I wrote. I also have a feature western script called Dead Horse, which I would most likely sell, and other feature scripts in the realm of drama, sci-fi, and comedy. I have many ideas and projects I’m working on.

Q. Tony, there are a lot of aspiring writers around you who would also want to be a part of a project like ‘Pseudo”. What advice would you like to give to those aspiring writers?

Write something you love and would want to go see and have people you trust read your material. Allow yourself to be challenged. Don’t fear failure or it not being good or it getting negative feedback, that’s part of the process to growing as a writer and making your work better. That doesn’t mean you have to accept or agree with all the feedback that’s given, you’re still the final judge, but there could be a part of that criticism that makes your story stronger. Make telling a great story that affects an audience the goal, not your ego being stroked.

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Q. Finally, I would like to say that I personally loved “Pseudo”. So how soon can we see your next project on screen?

Thanks so much! So glad you enjoyed it! I’ve just come out with a short called, Hustle & Cuss, which is a drama/comedy about a clown who’s found unconscious in the desert, and will probably shoot a couple more projects before the year’s out.

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