We’re All Here: We Have All Seen This Before

Protagonist moves into new apartment/house/villa with a horrific past and is subsequently served up as dinner for body-snatching ghosts/demons/any number of variations on a malevolent supernatural entity. Writer-director Lucy Luna’s We’re All Here is a story we’ve all seen play out before.  

Christin Muuli as Anika Mills, a literature podcaster and the latest unsuspecting protagonist, is natural but it is not enough to make the plot interesting; indeed her potentially interesting and rather elaborate character buildup is abandoned halfway, used only as an expository tool to introduce an archaic sound recorder – the latest conduit for malevolent entities to communicate with the latest unsuspecting protagonist and carry out their age-old nefarious schemes. Anika uses it to record her next podcast – we find out the previous family was murdered, leading to delightfully low rent – when someone rings the bell. Lo and behold, there’s no one there. And hence commences the malicious ways of the entities in this utterly predictable, half-baked story. The exposition itself is riddled with continuity flaws. 

We're All Here - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

If one were to watch this in the dead of the night, with a ravenous appetite for any and all horror flicks, the film would go down well. Hopefully washed down with something fresher. 

The production design is passable. Kathrin Asmus’ cinematography employs a beige colour scheme to give off an unnatural, sickly air and it mostly works. Camera work is far too generic to be remarkable. Mediocre horror flicks have made the lights flicker so often, it would be laughed away even if it did happen in reality on a quiet Tuesday night.  

We're All Here - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

The film even employs the trick of introducing the next unsuspecting victim, played by Esteban de la Isla. At this point, everyone and their dog knows what happens next and what has happened in the meantime, and few really care. Unless it is the dead of the night, and you have a ravenous appetite for any and all horror flicks, like cheap ghosts on a body hunt.

We’re All Here: We Have All Seen This Before
2.9 / 5 Stars

Watch We’re All Here Short Film Trailer

We're All Here – Short Film Trailer

Proud of this little film. In total, this project was made in 48 hours. From writing it to the first cut. Weeks later I went back and took my time in the editing room. 6 awards, 8 selections so far and counting. Thank you for joining the ride and for all the support so far! LA, NY, London, Miami and still in the festival circuit!

Posted by Lucy Luna on Friday, August 3, 2018

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