‘Nana’: Wise People Teach Lessons Even In Their Death

What happens when the person you looked up to all your childhood passes away and in spite of your best efforts, you never get to say goodbye? Based on his personal experiences, writer-director Ritesh Matlani creates a drama about coming to terms with grief.

Dipu, (played by Akhlaque Khan) comes home days after his nana, or grandfather, (Purshotam Mulani) passes away. His mother (played by lovely Sangeeta Srivastava) gives him a very traditional welcome but you see a glint of disappointment and complain in the eyes of a mother who lost her father waiting anxiously for him. The boy is then overcome with nostalgia and sadness as he is visibly disturbed by the absence of the ever-smiling and cheerful grandfather around the house.

Nana - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

The conversation between the mother and child proves to be the ice breaker as they confide in each other and talk about the last moments that were not only agonizing for him but also traumatizing for the family. Slowly he comes to terms with reality and accepts the fact that his jolly and joking mentor is no more. He dwells in his past and finds comfort in his grandfather’s words of wisdom. In the end, what brings him peace and comfort is also his grandfather’s belongings and memories. 

Khan effortlessly switches between the grief of his present and happy go lucky attitude of his past. His connection with Mulani is as natural as if they were really related. Credit also goes to Mulani. He is wise and loving without any effort. 

Nana - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

Director of Photography Rahul Gautam has done a fantastic job capturing every aspect of a beautifully traditional Indian home with characters. The screenplay, however, is weak and it does not deliver what it sets out to do. Music along with Sound Designing and mixing by Muktak Kanjilal and Abhinaba Mukerjee bring out the essence of the story and feelings of the protagonist very well. For the brightest stars of our lives, the director aptly states: Almost suddenly, the moon stopped telling it’s many stories, It rests now, vanished among the clouds.

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‘Nana’: Wise People Teach Lessons Even In Their Death
3.4 / 5 Stars

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