‘Barrel Of A Gun’ Plays Out The Slow Fragmenting Of A Beautiful Relationship…

Love… that universal feeling none can escape from and all hope to succumb to is the theme here. Experienced by all at some point or the other in their lives, ‘Barrel Of A Gun’ showcases emotions like the shooting of a bullet; precise and unmistakably to-the-point. Likewise, the death of a relationship too that might feel like a deafening bang from a shot fired is explored in this wonderful piece of moving art. The ending of everything, leaving behind only the former shell of a story is so exquisitely played out in the film that perhaps no better analogy can be drawn.

Telling the story of love, its trajectory and journey, ‘Barrel Of A Gun’ introduces us to its only two member-cast, Ava and Liv; played by Ana Archen and Maja Kin respectively. Lovestruck and on their honeymoon, the mood of the film along with the background score (Robby Fontana) perfectly sets for the terrific on-screen chemistry shared by the pair. The beautiful romance, the shared intimacy and enwrapping love, all played to perfection is visible right from the opening scene.

Barrel of a Gun - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

The underwater shots (cinematography by Tanne Willow) painting a quaint image of the minds of the characters, each exploring the other with time is like a beautiful piece of art at display. Like the gentle blooming of a flower, slow and steady in time, Ava & Liv discover one another, reveling in their finds. Director Willow remains steadfast in her vision of the film, steady in its note and tenor; but as in life, the characters undergo a dramatic change as unexpected times come to test their love.

As the characters begin to test their own limits of tolerance of one another, the film braces itself for the inevitable, as does the audience. They tear one another apart and in the bargain lose themselves. The tender moments replaced now with shouting matches and screams, Archen & Kin are terrific performers. To top it, with the entire film playing out without a single dialogue, the onus of sustaining the narrative lies solely on the cast, which they aptly fulfill.

Barrel of a Gun - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

The metamorphosis of the relationship up until its culmination being the sole plotline here, the film at 4:21 minutes is perfectly timed. Neither adding unnecessary theatricals nor stretching the scenes be they the unfolding of the love or the subsequent fall-out; all played out at such fitting pace (edited by Tanne Willow), that the audience remains attuned throughout.

The most remarkable aspect of this film is perhaps in its choice of music (Robby Fontana), which envelops the entire screenplay. Well synced with the visuals and outstanding cinematography, especially the underwater shots, Robby Fontana’s music, is simply the soul of the film, readying the stage for the visuals. Scenes depicting the entwining of the two bodies and minds are just too good for even words!

There is a significant amount of thinking that has gone into the cinematography of the film. Every shot is well attuned to the lyrics playing at the backdrop. And, it’s a brave and an almost perfect attempt at engaging the audience with both; a visually appealing and musically tailored narrative of two passionate individuals and their story worth indulging in…

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‘Barrel Of A Gun’ Plays Out The Slow Fragmenting Of A Beautiful Relationship…
4.2 / 5 Stars

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