‘Stormtroopers’ Is A Deserving Ode To Star Wars!

‘Stormtroopers’, a 16 minutes’ long, non-canonical fan-made short film by Micheál Fitzgerald showcases the events during a raid, which transpire on a desolate mining location against the rebel alliance. The film initially pegs the nervousness of a novice stormtrooper right before his deployment inside an AT-AT walker, followed by the squadron gearing up and preparing for the raid, which is a pivotal theme seen in many Star Wars films.

What stands out most in this short however is the use of stunning visual effects coupled with tense background scores; right from the blaster sounds, Stormtrooper voices, and the famous imperial alert siren. The tension and anxiety among the troopers before commencing their attack is well scripted and captured with the help of audio cues and hub lighting inside the walkers. The interior design of the AT-AT walker itself is an accurate fit to the aesthetics in the film. The props and styling are also on point, displaying the entrenching side of the rebels as they encounter the Stormtroopers.

‘Stormtroopers’ Is A Deserving Ode To Star Wars - Star Wars Fan Short Film Review By Indie Shorts Mag - Short Film Review Site 2As the film progresses, it captures a defiant struggle of the rebels and their ‘last hurrah’ against the advancing Stormtroopers. Towards the end, we see the betrayal and the breach of trust for the cause of kyber crystals. The use of animation for various effects such as the blasters and the AT-ATs is commendable and well executed. Matthew Kirrane’s cinematography, in addition to William Bean & Conor Fitzpatrick’s editing, sets the pace for the narrative. Electric Foxx’s music and Alan Keogh’s sound design add volumes to this spectacular film.

This one is for the fans, by the fans!

Watch ‘Stormtroopers‘ – Star Wars Fan Short Film

‘Stormtroopers’ Is A Deserving Ode To Star Wars!
3.8 / 5 Stars

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