Short Film ‘Destiny’ Will Make You Rethink, Reflect And Ponder On The Fate Of New Age Romance!

Written and Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani, ‘Destiny’ opens to Tanya (Nikita Vijayvargia) getting dressed for her date. Her best friend Richa (Monika Panwar) is busy indulging her in a friendly banter. The girls’ conversation reveals the closeness they share, their ease of comfort in discussing just about anything only goes on to show the confidante they have become to each other. Of course, their current topic of discussion is Tanya’s date Derek (Bhupendra Singh Jadawat). He is everything any girl would hope for to have in a date. From being his charming self to being attentive to Tanya, he endorses the textbook for chivalry and romance. But, an unexpected call from him puts Tanya into a dilemma over his true self.

In this global age of technological advancement, roses have been replaced with smileys, cards with GIFS and rendezvous with online chats. How well could you potentially understand a person? At what stage does the virtual and real world meet each other, if at all they do, that is! Vikkramm Chandirramani’s well-written script gives ample room for character development. It uses subtle sub-plots to allow them to forge their own niche. The three main leads are given equal screen time and sufficient scope to showcase their acting prowess.

Short film ‘Destiny’ will make you rethink, reflect and ponder on the fate of new age romance! 1 - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

However, the storyline is clearly the USP of this short film (13:43), it’s editing and cinematography (Kartik Katkar) only adding to its narrative, the story is fresh and offers a very interesting take to an otherwise overused subject.  Vikkramm Chandirramani’s direction is unique, from translating the script to screen and egging the characters to bring out their best, his work is sure to leave you rooting for his next! When Tanya realizes that she has been unceremoniously dumped, she decides to reverse the table. A quick tête-à-tête between the friends’ reveal how they both disagree on the effect luck/fate has in one’s life. The story very deftly nudges you to rethink on your own definitions and beliefs.

As an unexpected climax that is bound to leave you perplexed is due for those into this film, it’s worth noting that the film doesn’t surrender to clichés and challenges the status quo. When Tanya decides to give Derek a taste of his own medicine, they’re both left to learn surprising lessons.

Watch ‘Destiny’ for its interesting story, excellent cast and a surprising climax!

Destiny - Review
3.5 / 5 Stars

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