New York’d Is A Hilarious Play Out Of Every City Dweller’s Life!


There are those days when everything goes in your favour! And then there are those, when you wonder who rolled the dice for you! New York’d is a 12:59 minutes play-out of the later. Sean (Karan Choudhary) is a regular blue collared New Yorker, who feels blessed for his urban existence. A lazy Saturday morning that seems perfect for him to dial home a breakfast delivery, sets the plot for this short film co-written by Michael Anastasio  & Karan Choudhary. When a pretty date, an incredible mood & a lazy morning come together to bring out the finest of New York, Sean feels on top of the world. But, little does he know that something as trifle as a disagreeable delivery man (Kyle Mcllhone) is going to conspire against him!

Set against the backdrop of New York’s pampering environment, Sean is rattled at the prospect of a delivery turning his world upside down. From locking himself out to forgetting to mute his ongoing porn video in his room, he is set to be New York’d!

New York’d Is A Hilarious Play Out Of Every City Dweller’s Life! - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts Mag

What makes New York’d unique is the pace. With its clean editing, it ensures that the story-line isn’t dragged. Warren M. Smith narrates the sequence of events, while songwriter and performer Charles Duke ensure you get into the mood with his rendition of ‘New York’d’. Fabio Bertagnolli’s background score adds tempo to the narrative.

With most of the scenes okayed in one take, this film certainly measures high in terms of performance, novelty and execution.

Watch ‘New York’d, it’ll ring a bell of familiarity, I assure you!

New York’d Trailer

New York’d - Review
2.7 / 5 Stars

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