‘No Love Lost’ Is A Shakespearean Play Set In Contemporary Times…

It has all the ingredients of a classic drama. It has the setting of a Greek tragedy. And, yet somewhere it convinces you of its contemporary being. A forbidden love affair; a reprimanding society and a brooding character that threatens to disband their near peaceful existence. ‘No Love Lost’ is Shekhar Bassi’s ingenious storytelling of a love story that has been told several times before. And, yet this one sets itself apart with its setting, narrative and characters that seem to refuse to confine into being stereotypical.

He is a Jew. She is Muslim. And, their story is set in London. The tender look exchanged between them is plain to see. Their shared chemistry even in the briefest moments is more palpable than the most played out love scenes. Joshua James plays the male lead. He brings to fore a sensitive portrayal of a boy who is at the cusp of his adulthood, defining his individuality from his religious, social and urban background. Meena Rayann who plays the Muslim girl is spectacular, letting her body language do the dialogues. But, it is Scarlett Brookes who plays the most complex, troubled, enigmatic character that is vague to capture even in words. Her performance is par excellence. It’s the fast paced dynamics between these three characters that set the temper to the story.

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Shekhar Bassi in his effort to make the narration as gripping as possible has rightfully relinquished the use of dialogues and has instead let the background score navigate the timeline. Renan Franzen’s composition brings out the underlying complexity of the theme and if it is even possible, has added a new dimension to the trajectory of this wonderful tale.

What sets this story apart from its contemporaries is its gripping narration and complex characters that take time to unveil themselves. In a time when hate and love seems entwined into existence, ‘No Love Lost’ offers a refreshing take on the otherwise predictable outcome.

Watch ‘No Love Lost’ to be drenched in the tender love between two young individuals who are as lost in the moral policing of this world as are the rest of us. Watch ‘No Love Lost’ to be surprised by the unexpected turn of events that give this brilliant movie its swansong.

No Love Lost - Review
4 / 5 Stars
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