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5 Horror Short Films To Watch On A Sleepover With Your BFF!

There’s something about having a chill run down your spine that is perplexing; it’s the want of it, despite the fear of it… The dreadful wonder of the dark, the nagging fear of something lurking beneath your bed, the bloodcurdling screams at the sight of something ghastly… Well, for some, these might spell doom, but there are those for whom this is their much-loved genre.

So, for those horror aficionados, Indie Shorts Mag brings a list of 5 must watch horror shorts to be enjoyed with their BFF!

I heard it too!

Directed by Matt Sears & Tim Knight this film (08:23 minutes) was a finalist to the British Film Institute and Talenthouse Unscreened film competition. Based on an equally short story, the script translates into a terrifying, gripping narrative of a mother-daughter duo and an uninvited figure that entraps them both. The star cast comprising of Nina Beagley, Rowena Beagley and Sophie Juge, the story explores the happenings of one night when after being kissed goodnight; the daughter starts to hear her mother calling out to her frantically. As she follows the voice, she begins to doubt its owner.

Tuck me in!

At less than a minute in duration, this is a minuscule dose of pure terror. What sets apart this Ignacio F. Rodó directed film is the background score. The usual loud shrieks and sudden tempo rises are traded for subtle piano keys. Starring Mark Schardan and Luka Schardan who play the father and son in this adapted-from-a-short story that would probably make for a prequel to ‘I heard it too!’ is brilliant in terms of its storyline. For those not too fond of sound effects, this might be your film!

Don’t look away

Written, edited and directed by Christopher Cox, this (08:19) short film narrates the tale of a mysterious figure that has the unique ability to clone itself and follow you. The only way to overpower it is by not looking away! Starring Sabrina Twyla, Danny Roy, Jim Marshall & Charlie McCarthy, ‘Don’t look away’ was the finalist in Annual Cinema LA Film Festival (2018).


Written, produced, directed and edited by Joey Greene, ‘Polaroid’ is the story (03:15) of Alex (Ethan Mikael) and his subject played by Kevin Michael Shiley. When an unsuspecting Alex is rummaging through his boxed belongings, he finds his Polaroid camera. As nostalgia kicks in and familiarity takes over, he skims the room with his lens. A click and an unexpected form comes to life in the camera’s film! Watch Polaroid for its cinematography and the lead!


Directed by Jazz Walker, ‘Passenger’ narrates the happenings of a night when Patrick Duffy is behind the wheel. As he steers along the driveway for a halt, he hears a knock and an unseemly sight. Petrified, as he begins to turn on the engine to leave as quickly as possible, he realizes he has a passenger now to accompany him. A gripping narrative, excellent cinematography and convincing acting makes this one worth a watch.
What stands out most about these films is their story, their narrative, the thought-provoking possibility of varied theories that are seldom addressed, much less discussed. Horror films aren’t about shrieking sounds or gory sights; it’s about a concept that should petrify you as much as compel you to ponder. Of course, the success of such a film depends purely on how spooky it can make you feel as an audience, but these ones deserve more than the moment’s chill…

Hope they make your brain tick too as much as chill your bones!

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