5 Short Horror Films That’ll Give You The Creeps!


There’s something about horror films. The chillness it stings your bones with, the bumps it brings to armour your flesh with, the sleep that it robs you off. And yet, despite it all, the brave little alter in you nudges you to watch them to give you the creeps!

ISM makes it easy for you. We present you with minuscule doses of pure horror and shock to fill your spooky appetite!

1. Attic Panic

Talented Swedish filmmaker David F. Sandberg proves his mettle as a ‘horror-genre’ genius with 3 minutes of undiluted panic! A woman gets locked up in an attic. And, it doesn’t take long to figure out that she isn’t alone… But, what makes this short unique is the complete lack of background music which is the usual companion of this genre and the startling realization of who the other entity is when she braves to find it out!

2. LOT254

A vintage camera needs a repair. A collector patiently dismantles it to discover the problem. A clip that strangely resembles a cross seems to have been misplaced in it. He restores it without the cross hoping for its proper functioning. He peers through the lens and lo and behold! Someone peers right back at him! Winner of London Short Film Festival, this one makes a must-watch for horror aficionados.

3. Upstairs

‘Upstairs’ is an attempt at revisiting the 70s’ style of horror-filmmaking. There’s the low budget set-up to begin with and the use of creaking noise and silence coupled, to create the presence of an entity in broad daylight! Sam is left alone with his toys and is happy in his own company until someone seeks him out for theirs!

4. The Passing

Director John Wynn brings a spooky tale of a missing child and a mother in search for her into a haunting house where an ominous past incident uncovers. Under the guise of a detective narrative, this film actually deals with all that we consider quintessentially horrific!

5. Alexia

It would have been incomplete to have not included the ruling roost of the season into our list – the social media. Here comes the tale of a deceased girlfriend whose social media presence begins to haunt her boyfriend until it isn’t just the digital world she is spiriting… Watch Alexia to know how her mourning boyfriend is frightened and so will you!

Hope these films whet your appetite for spookiness. Do let us know what aspect of the horror genre appeals the most to you!

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