6 Incredible Books That Will Help You Boost Your Filmmaking Career

Short films are a very effective way of exploring how movies work out for a person individually. They don’t just save you from draining your pockets & time but also allow you to work with professionals at very low budgets or sometimes at no cost at all! Besides that, they also give you real-time experiences.

Since short films are generally the stepping stone to one’s career, it’s imperative to get a grip on the aesthetics of the same and what’s better than books when it comes to learning!

Indie Shorts Mag presents you with a list of books that is sure to help you in your journey of filmmaking.

Happy learning!

How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000 And Not Go To Jail - 6 Incredible Books That Will Help You Boost Your Filmmaking Career - Indie Shorts Mag
Description from the seller:  Right now, you’re wondering, “Gee, what kind of information is in this cute yet stylish guide?” Sure, there are a bunch of other books that will take you through the filmmaking process, and if your name is Beaver Cleaver, you might be interested in them.


But you should know that filmmaking is a war, and this book will lead you through it like no other. These pages contain information learned from years spent in the filmmaking trenches.

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Description from the seller:  An invaluable analysis of the director’s art and craft, from one of the most revered of all film school directors. Alexander ‘Sandy’ Mackendrick directed classic Ealing comedies plus a Hollywood masterpiece, Sweet Smell of Success. But after retiring from film-making in 1969, he then spent nearly 25 years teaching his craft at the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.


Mackendrick produced hundreds of pages of masterly handouts and sketches, designed to guide his students to a finer understanding of how to write a story, and then use those devices peculiar to the cinema in order to tell that story as effectively as possible. Gathered and edited in this collection, Mackendrick’s teachings reveal that he had the talent not only to make great films but also to articulate the process with a clarity and insight that will still inspire any aspirant film-maker.

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On Film-making - Alexander Mackendrick - 6 Incredible Books That Will Help You Boost Your Filmmaking Career - Indie Shorts Mag
In the Blink of An Eye 2nd Edition - 6 Incredible Books That Will Help You Boost Your Filmmaking Career - Indie Shorts Mag
Description from the seller:  In the Blink of an Eye is editor Walter Murch’s essay of film editing. Starting with what might seem to be the most basic editing question – Why do cuts work? – he treats the reader to a marvelous “ride” through the esthetics and practical concerns of cutting film. Along the way, he offers his insights on such subjects as continuity and discontinuity in editing, dreaming, and real life; the criteria of a good cut; and the blink of the eye as both an analog to and an emotional cue for the cut. New to this second edition is Murch’s lengthy meditation on the current state of digital editing.


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Description from the seller: The fourth edition of the authoritative guide to producing, directing, shooting, editing, and distributing your video or film.


Widely acknowledged as the “bible” of video and film production, and used in courses around the world, The Filmmaker’s Handbook is now updated with the latest advances in HD and new digital formats. For students and teachers, professionals and novices, this indispensable handbook covers all aspects of movie making.

  • Techniques for making dramatic features, documentaries, corporate, broadcast, and experimental videos and films
  • Shooting with DSLRs, video, film, and digital cinema cameras
  • Digital editing with the latest video editing systems
  • In-depth coverage of lenses, lighting, sound recording, and mixing
  • The business aspects of funding and producing your project
  • Getting your movie shown in theaters, on TV, and on the Web

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The Filmmaker's Handbook - 6 Incredible Books That Will Help You Boost Your Filmmaking Career - Indie Shorts Mag
On Directing Film - 6 Incredible Books That Will Help You Boost Your Filmmaking Career - Indie Shorts Mag
Description from the seller: A masterclass on the art of directing from the Pulitzer Prize-winning (and Oscar and Tony-nominated) writer of Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed the Plow, The Verdict, and Wag the Dog


Calling on his unique perspective as playwright, screenwriter, and director of his own critically acclaimed movies like House of Games, State and Main, and Things Change, David Mamet illuminates how a film comes to be. He looks at every aspect of directing—from script to cutting room—to show the many tasks directors undertake in reaching their prime objective: presenting a story that will be understood by the audience and has the power to be both surprising and inevitable at the same time. Based on a series of classes Mamet taught at Columbia University’s film school, On Directing Film will be indispensible not only to students but to anyone interested in an overview of the craft of filmmaking.

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Description from the seller: This comprehensive manual has inspired tens of thousands of readers worldwide to realize their artistic vision and produce well-constructed films. Filled with practical advice on every stage of production, this is the book you will return to throughout your career.


Directing covers the methods, technologies, thought processes, and judgments that a director must use throughout the fascinating process of making a film. The core of the book is the human, psychological, and technical knowledge that every director needs, the enduring elements of the craft that remain vital.

Directing also provides an unusually clear view of the artistic process, particularly in working with actors and principle crew to achieve personally expressive storytelling and professionalism on any budget.

Directing explores in detailed and applicable terms how to engage with the conceptual and authorial sides of filmmaking. Its eminently practical tools and exercises show how to: discover your artistic identity; develop credible and compelling stories with your cast and crew; and become a storyteller with a distinctive voice and style.

The companion website includes teaching notes, dozens of practical hands-on projects and film study activities to help you master technical and conceptual skills, film analysis questionnaires, and all the essential production forms and logs.

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We hope our small list will help you boost your career. Are we missing a book here? Let us know through the comments.

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