‘The Insecurities Of Dill’ Has A Funny Take On Sex, Insecurities & Everything In Between…

Written & directed by Robert Trott, ‘The Insecurities of Dill’ is an unusual narrative on an otherwise awkward and relatively unexplored theme. At 06:25 minutes’, it’s the shortest sex comedy out there that explores issues of insecurity, sex and everything that happens under the duvet.

The film centres on three characters and to his credit, Trott manages to keep the chemistry tight between them. Suspense ridden, the narrative charters the unexpected route by constantly nudging one’s imagination. Without giving away any spoilers, when one of the protagonists’ dishes out at his partner, making her seem almost a vixen, you’re nearly convinced with the monologues and its intended character, until comes a surprise so cleverly hidden that it tickles your funny bone!

The Insecurities Of Dill - Short Film Review - Indie Shorts MagTo keep the narrative engaging especially in a monologue scripted film is no easy feat. To top it all, peppering it with a wicked sense of humour that comes from such an unsuspecting corner is pure talent. Trot certainly manages to pull it off well.

Sophie Barker, James Askill & James Naylor who play the three characters of this quirky tale have nearly equal screen time, but it’s one of them who gets the better deal. Steven Scott’s animation is a killer offering some of the best moments from this film! And, cinematographer James Westlake fills the lens with anything but dullness, thus prepping the narrative to even greater heights. Also, original music and sound design by Mark Hodgkin adds a peppy tempo to the storytelling.

What sets ‘The Insecurities of Dill’ apart from the rest in this genre is the unusual characterizations and narrative. Trott earns his credits here as the writer and director for coming up with such an original!

Watch ‘The Insecurities of Dill’ to find out how the insecurities that play on the bed and in the mind can be treacherous!

P.S. The tagline ‘She uses me’ couldn’t have been any more fitting for this short!

Watch The Insecurities Of Dill Trailer:

‘The Insecurities Of Dill’ Has A Funny Take On Sex, Insecurities & Everything In Between…
3.5 / 5 Stars
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