SWANO an Imani Wj Wright Exclusive

For all you music lovers, ‘Swano an Imani Wj Wright Exclusive’ presents you with an opportunity to pick the brain of this very talented & creative spirit. He is young, abundantly talented and his eclectic sound might just perhaps be his signature style. Produced and edited by Lucas Ballard, this is a minuscule documentary that offers a peek-a-boo into the highs and lows of an artist and how the trajectory might seem all too familiar but leaves behind a different trail.

Imani Wj Wright dons many hats; singer-songwriter, saxophonist, pianist and producer. But, his artistic soul hasn’t had an easy run, contrary to what might seem. He talks about his struggles, failures and disappointments as recent as one can imagine. But, also gives it poetic justice, by talking of his relative success and the highest point (so far) from his professional life. All in all, it’s a real tidbit to his career graph, in what might seem like a monologue or at its best, an excerpt from an interview.

It would have been even more relatable, touching even, if he delved deeper into his journey, spoken of the sting of rejection and what motivated him to keep going. He mentions of being rejected 78 times, which is quite heartbreaking for any sensitive soul, but he survived. That could have been a tale in itself. He talks casually of being featured in the Baltimore Times, which would have been quite a leap in his professional graph, but Wright doesn’t delve much into it. It’s as if, he owes his story to the world and yet isn’t quite ready to share it.

The world needs inspiration every now and then; and Wright’s life does certainly make for one. If only he were willing to make it even more soul-baring, this would have made for a compelling, insightful watch. Nonetheless it is a good start to an amazing artist and his promising career!

SWANO an Imani Wj Wright Exclusive
3 / 5 Stars

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