Filmfreeway Announces Student Pricing Feature For Festivals

Filmfreeway, the leading film submission platform added another amazing feature.

Festivals can add separate Student Fees for each entry category now. Earlier festivals had to create a separate submission category for this. This might also encourage festivals which do not have a student category to implement one.

As a filmmaker, you won’t be seeing any changes on your Filmfreeway dashboard. If you are a film festival and wish to give a discount to students head over to your dashboard and navigate to the edit festival page and in Section 4 enter your student discount.

Couple of month back Filmfreeway outranked Withoutabox in global eb traffic, so now without a doubt we can say Filmfreeway is the no. 1 film submission platform out there.

Filmfreeway Announces Student Pricing Feature For Festivals - Withoutabox - Indie Shorts Mag

We hope to see many more features added to the best submission platform. What kind of features are expecting to see on Filmfreeway as a filmmaker or as a fesival organizer? Let me know through the comments.

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