5 Christmas Short Films That Will Fill You With Love And Joy

Christmas can be incredibly stressful if you are the one who plans and executes the celebration. My family members are really working hard and in return for their hard work I’m planning to watch these short films with them today. Then I thought, why not share these amazing short films with you guys. Maybe you can sit down with your family with a bottle of wine and enjoy these films. These Christmas short films will definitely give you a joyful time with your family.

ISM presents you the line-up of the five indie short films that will remind you the significance of Christmas and the joy it spreads.

Merry Christmas! 🎄

5. The Gift

In a beautiful mansion, the inhabitants have everything they could ever want; food, wealth, and comfort. The catch is, iron shackles are fastened on their wrists, and they are not allowed to leave the mansion. One day packages arrive for each of them with a way out of the chains, but they must leave all the comforts they’ve grown accustomed to behind. Will they choose their chains or this new freedom?


4. Merry Christmas

Riya wish to be an entrepreneur. With the help of her friends she initiates her first venture .. ” Riya’s Kitchen” a home delivery service. They plan for a promotional campaign in the locality before they start, along with her friends she visits houses, On 25th December morning.. What was waiting for her?

3. The Night Before Christmas

On the night before Christmas, a man will commit a desperate act. A tale about morality and the holiday season, by Slamdance alumni director DC Kasundra and cinematographer Tom Krymkowski, with an original composition of “Carol of the Bells” by Gene Hodsdon.

This film challenges our notions of right and wrong. Is it always so cut and dry, black and white? Or are there gray areas that are harder to define?

2. A Second Chance At Christmas

It’s all too easy to forget the real gifts of the holidays, building our lives around the meaningless and seeking joy in the pointless. When an accidental meeting between people from worlds apart leads to choices, they receive the gift of opportunity – to stand fast or take a chance.

A gift from the heart is the best gift of all.

1. Timber

When Emily is nearly knocked off her bike by a careless driver, the passing car drops a christmas tree in it’s wake. In the spirit of christmas she takes it upon herself to find the owner, which leads her down an unexpected path.

I hope you loved these films. Which is your favorite film from the list? Or do you know a Christmas film which isn’t on the list? Let us know throuhg the comments and we’ll add it to the list.

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