5 Short Films Featuring Man’s Best Friend:DOG!

Dog lovers and pet owners need no introduction to this Listicle. But, for those of you who have had no history with any animal whatsoever, these films can turn into a window to the rare-to-be-found amongst humans’ language – a language that speaks of unconditional love, blinding jealousy (at times!) and painful forlornness.

In your interaction with animals, if you choose to observe closely, you’ll notice a trend in such qualities. But beyond these, they’ll also prove to be good teachers, offering a different perspective to life in itself.

Indie Shorts Mag presents you with 5 such short films that delve into the minds of man’s best friend, aka the dog, offering a learning opportunity to their psyche and ours as well, in the bargain.

1. Vicky – Written, Directed & Edited by Manu Antony.

This is a brilliant piece featuring a Golden retriever who teaches his master (and us) a wonderful lesson in life. Set against the backdrop of a traditional house somewhere in God’s own country, Vicky revolves around the perspective the protagonist (in this case Vicky himself) puts across to the audience on something that we all take for granted. There couldn’t have been a more fitting film just days after the Indian Independence Day’s celebration! Deserves the 10 minutes of your life!

What to watch: Concept | Cinematography | Vicky

2. If I could talk – Directed by Shawn Welling AXI.

This one is for those wondering at what dogs try to convey when they look silently looking into their master’s eyes. It’s a translation of sorts of their thoughts and feelings in words that are as plainly spoken as humans would. Mark Galvin & Shawn Welling have come together to create almost an autobiographical story of Max Welling as the White Labrador.

What to watch: Dialogues | Direction | Storyline

3. Dog Gone – Produced & Directed by Paul Lenzi.

Ginger, The Pug is used to being the centre of attention. From being Bella’s companion to playmate to guinea pig at withstanding all her tantrums patiently Ginger has always been by her side. But, with the arrival of Mr. Sprinkles equations change, jealousy is born and hurt is nursed. This short tale explores at what might possibly be running in the minds of your pets when their attention gets divided or when someone/something begins to fascinate you more than them.

What to watch: Concept | Story | Editing

4. Gift – Directed by Zsófia Zsemberi.

This one is for those of you who have considered adopting a pet, or already have. Adoption is a serious matter and must be dealt with accordingly. Never bring home a pet unless you’re sure of taking its complete responsibility. Likewise, think a hundred times before you put your pet up for adoption – not all are equipped in loving animals. Görögh Attila needs to be lauded for coming up with this idea & presenting it so uniquely.

What to watch: Concept | Acting |Message behind the story.

5. Sun Dog – Directed & Edited by Ben Sturgulewski.

Sun Dog is a short film from the series titled ‘The Shadow Campaign’, presented by DPS Cinematic. It features a dog named Conga that leads skier Santiago Guzman into the hills for an adventure of a lifetime. Watch this to revel in the companionship offered by a four-legged and the spectacular cinematography that captures the beauty of the snow-capped peaks of Argentina.

What to watch: Direction | Editing | Cinematography.

Each one of these films offer a unique perspective as observed from the eyes of an animal, be it your pet or simply a walking companion to the world of undemanding, loyal, unconditional love that offers a peek-a-boo into the minds of man’s best friend, ever…

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  1. Paul Lenzi says

    Thank you for including my short film Dog Gone in your magazine, hope you enjoyed it.


    Paul Lenzi

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