5 Short Films Sans Dialogues

Short films have a language of their own. It’s not just their length in duration that sets them apart from the feature films, but also their budgeted craft, the incredible ability to clinch the storyline within the truncated narration amongst others. As if these factors alone weren’t enough to make us fall in love with them, here are 5 short films that push the envelope further.

ISM presents you with 5 top-notch short films sans dialogues!

1. The Girl Is Mime – Directed by Tim Bunn

Clive Buckle holds the centre stage playing the mime that is accused and convicted of a crime that is retraced during the interrogation. It is up to the viewer’s discretion to decide if he deserves to pay the sentence and if indeed the crime occurred… With no dialogues to mar the audience’s judgment, this is by far one of the best short films that make you think long after the last scene…

2. The Man & The Thief – Directed by Joel Plunkett

With absolutely no dialogue vocalized and everyday sounds juxtaposed to make the BGM, The Man & The Thief narrates the happenings of a day at a train station. What starts of seemingly as a boy-meets- girl-tentative romance leaves the audience stumped with its climax.

3. The Black Hole – Directed by Phil & Olly

This less than 3 minutes short silent film without any music, is a sure shot to suit anyone with a liking for thrillers. Napoleon Ryan is the sole star cast and does more than compensate for the crew and location. The direction is crisp and the wise choice in colour is a true reflection to the theme of this film.

4. Dog Tail – Directed by Swathy Deepak

Shot entirely on iPhone 6+, this isn’t a oner, but certainly gives a feel of it. Staying true to its title, it’s a chase between a pickpocket and his victim. The entire film is a black and white, but the storyline is grey. Watch to uncover the truth behind the myth.

5. Will you be Mime? – Directed by Jacob Kipping

The only exception to this list since it has dialogues (nearly) to its climax. But, nevertheless highly recommended to anyone who fancies a mime, a story, good music all within the time frame of 15 minutes. These short films are a category by themselves. The creativity showcased within their miniscule featurette is a testament to the fact that what ultimately sells to an audience is a good story, be they with or without dialogues.

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