5 Funny Short Films That’ll Lighten Your Mood!

Having a lousy day at work? Want to bang your head against the wall? Well, frustration and boredom can get the worst out of you, sometimes… But, here’s a handy pill that can do you wonders under these circumstances. A healthy dose of comic supplements!

Indie Shorts Mag presents you with 5 short, comic films that will most assuredly lighten your mood!

1. Lie Detector – Directed by Paul Emerson.

Written by Dane Hanson & Mike Heim, this short comedy is all about passing a lie detection analysis for recruitment to a firm. What starts off as a routine interview takes a turn when the interviewer chances upon a piece of information on the applicant that triggers his interest. Watch ‘Lie Detector’ to find out what that question is and partake in the most, honest-to-your-face interview ever done!

What to watch: Dialogues | Editing | Storyline.

2. The Translator – Written, Directed & Edited by Graham Burrell.

When Rachel (Malerie Razzis) is asked by Ben (Tyler Haney) to help him translate into French his feelings for a girl (Claire: played by Liz Syslo) he has been having a crush on, Rachel obliges promptly to play the translator. The glitch: She has been nursing a massive crush on Ben himself. What ensues is a hilarious conversation and mediation between two individuals who can’t speak or understand each other’s language whilst the middle one concocts the dialogue to suit her needs. Watch out for how this one ends!

What to watch: Acting | Music | Climax.

3. Is this free? – Directed by Lauris Beinerts.

When a silly question is asked out of courtesy, you feel morally obliged to return the favour. But,
what do you do when the monotony of the questionnaire sets in? Luka (played by actor Jack Hawkins) explores the numerous outcomes to this simple question: ‘Is this free?’ in this short film. From outright sarcastic, to slapstick to deadpan humour, this one fine-combs through it all. The writer-duo Lauris Beinerts & Adele Kirby have done a remarkable job at showcasing the better of the British politeness.What to watch: Acting | Dialogues | Direction.

What to watch: Acting | Dialogues | Direction.

4. Interview with an applicant – Directed by Paul Del Vecchio.

Marty Hill needs to be given credit for having written this hilarious conversation ensuing between an applicant (Jill Butterfield) and her interviewer (Melisa Breiner-Sanders). When the usual questions gave rise to a verbal duel, their acting only adding to the comic setting, this short film is a pure entertainer with each dialogue only heightening the plot.

What to watch: Acting | Dialogues |Editing.

5. What’s Virgin Mean – Written & Directed by Michael Davies.

An innocent question by her darling daughter played by Rebecca Duffy sets trail to an honest, but hilarious conversation between the mother & daughter. Kate Isitt who plays the mother does a wonderful act of being torn between answering truthfully to her daughter’s genuine doubts and the fear of revealing ‘too much’. What follows is an embarrassing chat until the final question that’ll leave the audience in splits!

What to watch: Acting | Concept | Direction.

Hopefully with these mini-comic-films, you would have had your share of laughter & grin!

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