Quality Guidelines

Before you submit your short film/documentary, music video, web series, we’d like you to remove your time to read the following:

We, at Indie Shorts Mag, are a bunch of professional & devoted cinephiles who stoke the spirit of filmmakers and their craft. And we try our best to filter from the short films submitted, the ones that truly deserve to be promoted, shared, and publicized.

It would be worth your while if you go through the criteria of our submission process:

  1. SELECTION: ‘Story’ and ‘Direction’ remain the most determining factors in our selection. We believe, even the simplest of stories can be delightfully narrated, and even the most spectacular stories can fail in the delivery. The essence of a film’s being rests solely on its direction and story. Neither does the duration of the film matter, nor the complexity or simplicity of the story. Its how they’re dually dealt that counts the most.
  2. CHARGES: Yes, reviewing at Indie Shorts Mag is chargeable and non-refundable. However, we have a track record of accepting 97% of the films submitted, which means only a minuscule proportion doesn’t make to our desk. Additionally, we also offer the possibility of giving you a critique elucidating the reason(s) for the rejection, should you request for one.
  3. NON-NEGOTIABLE: Once your film is selected for review and publishing, please note that we cannot, under any circumstance, change it to suit your needs. Our reviews are honest, uncompromising and a reflection of your work at its best. To expect us to change/alter/edit/rephrase any of the content is akin to challenging our integrity and we put up a hard fight to uphold it. So, please don’t embarrass yourself or us requesting a change.

We hope we have made ourselves clear in expressing the most pressing doubts that come into any filmmaker’s mind before submitting his/her film. If you’re certain you can abide by the above-mentioned clauses and are confident of your work, by all means, please proceed to submission.

Submit your film and leave the rest to us!

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