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New York’d

New York'd - Short Film Online Premiere - Indie Shorts Mag

There are days when New York City seems to open its doors to you and every single piece falls nicely into place supporting the dream that brought you to that big wonderful city. Then there are the other days…the days when those same pieces become ill-fitting sharp-edged shards ganging up against you and any goal you may have. Those are the days when the cruel heartless city itself seems to be conspiring against you. Those are the days you know you’ve been…New YORK’d.

Sean, a blue-collar New Yorker wakes up on Saturday morning, feeling really good about himself and his entire existence. He has no idea that a disagreeable delivery guy, a buffering porn video, and a locked door would turn his good day into a nightmare.


New York'd Review

There are those days when everything goes in your favour! And then there are those, when you wonder who rolled the dice for you! New York’d is a 12:59 minutes play-out of the later. Sean (Karan Choudhary) is a regular blue collared New Yorker, who feels blessed for his urban existence. A lazy Saturday morning that seems perfect for him to dial home a breakfast delivery, sets the plot for this short film co-written by Michael Anastasio  & Karan Choudhary. When a pretty date, an incredible mood & a lazy morning come together to bring out the finest of New York, Sean feels on top of the world. But, little does he know that something as trifle as a disagreeable delivery man (Kyle Mcllhone) is going to conspire against him!….

New York’d - Review
2.7 / 5 Stars

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2018/06/08 16:22:48

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